Online Teaching Strategies and Tips

VMCAD Online Learning :: Fall 2016 :: Week 1

How do I get students more excited about online learning?

Tip: Ice breaker discussion.

Everybody loves talking about what they are passionate about. And out-of-box ice breaker will give students opportunities to express themselves and build a friendly online community.

Here are some ice breaker resources:

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How to create an Ice Breaker on Canvas?

Tip: Create a Discussion on Canvas.

This Ice Break discussion can be used as a ungraded fun activity or counted as an attendance for that week.

See the attached instructions on how to Create a Discussion Topic in the email.

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When is the good time to take the attendance?

Tip: Every Wed or Thursday, or the following Monday morning the latest.

Please note that the college policy of online attendance is a student has to at least log in once in the week, meaning from Monday morning to Sunday midnight.

However, to keep students on task and complete their assignment early, instructors can assign a task, such as a discussion, an assignment, or a quiz, for students to complete during the week. Once students complete the task, it can be counted as their attendances.

To look up students login record on Canvas, please look up the attached document, Student Access Report, in the original email. Here is an example:

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How to report student attendance on Portal?

Thanks to Margery, who has come up with the instructions on entering student attendance on Portal! Please see the instructions attached in the original email.

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New attendance tool might be coming to Canvas soon!


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Happy Online Teaching!