Death Valley National Park

Anna Grace Stella Brendan

Our Question

How does Death Valley change your piont of view in nature?

Location and Climate

Death Valley is located in California Nevada. Since it is located in California, it is very hot. The hottest it has every been was 134* farenheit. The coldest it has ever been in death valley is 15* farenheit.

Cool facts (:

  • Dozens of Star Wars scenes have been filmed in Death Valley.
  • Over 600 species of plants were found in Death Valley.
  • Death Valley is the biggest national park in the United States.
  • In the years 1929,1953 and 1889 there was no rain recorded in Death Valley.



There are many types of snakes in Death Valley. One you should be worried about is the rattle snake. The heat in Death valley can kill you. There are also scorpions.
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Death Valley - a short film
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