Container Home Project

By: Jake Woodward

Sketches & Bubble Diagrams

Sketchup Diagrams

Autocad Drawings

Final Container Pics

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End Reflection & Home Location

I would want my home to be located in Northlake, TX because that's where I have lived all my life. I loved living there and would want my kid to grow up in the same environment as me. I enjoyed doing this project because I could make the house how I wanted it, every single this in that house was my choice if I didn't like something I could just get rid of it. There were a few hard parts in this project, one of them was the fact that there was no door or window that fit the same way you had at first planned them too. another thing was the fact that the scales on Imported things weren't always right.

Jake Woodward

Principles Of Architecture And Engineering

Period 3