Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is known for it's use of modern technology, and both it's modern and ancient use of culture and arts. There's lots to see and do, so come check it out!

Tokyo Sanja Festival 2013

The Video Above is Part of the 2013 Sanja Festival

Tokyo, Where is It?

Tokyo Take-out

Tokyo has many delicious delicacies you should devour. One food you will see a lot is rice, so be ready to see a lot of white! Feel like having some fish instead? Well, you can have it broiled, deep-fried, or even raw! If you'd rather cook your own fish, you should buy them at the Tsukiji Fish Market, which sells millions of dollars worth of fish each year. And don't worry for any health reasons, 'cause Japanese food is some of the healthiest kinds of food in the world! Setting that aside, you should definitely devour these delicious delicacies.

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Modern Tokyo

Tokyo has very diverse cultural elements. If you bring your everyday clothes, you still wouldn't stand out! Make sure you bring slippers though, because you are supposed to wear a pair almost everywhere indoors. Get some gifts, or, a lot of gifts, because when you are someone's guest, you're supposed to give the host a gift. If you want to soak in some real culture, go see the Sanja festival, which celebrates shinto dieties. Make sure you embrace all the culture you can!

Tourism in Tokyo

Tokyo has lots of amazing tourist attractions! Make sure to see Tokyo Tower, which was modeled after the amazing Eiffel Tower. Explore the Tokyo Imperial Palace while you're at it, so you can see where the ancient emperors ruled from. Mount Fuji, standing 12,388ft tall, is a wondrous must-see! In need of a good view of Tokyo? Then go to the Tokyo Sky Tree, which has 2 observation decks that you can check out all of Tokyo from! Let these attractions attract you to their astoundingness!

Tokyo's Temples and Shrines

There are hundreds of Buddhist Temples and

Shinto Shrines you should see. The Meiji Shrine is most visited on New Years Day, so you might want to plan around the crouds. The Yasukuni Shrine is a vary historical memorial building for dead japanese warriors. If you go crazy for ancient history, go see Kannon Temple, which was built way back in the A.D.600's. If you want to know where
Tokyo originated, go see Senso-ji, where the "Tokyoites", as they were called, first settled. These places are history, but it doesn't mean you can't visit them.

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Characters and Communications

Some things the Japanese say and write can seem confusing, so just keep these things in mind. They write virticaly AND hrizontaly, so try not to confuse it with another language. Your last name is spoken before your first name, like a roll call at school sometimes has. The word "san" as you might have heard before in movies, can mean Mr., Mrs., or Ms. And dont worry about learning Japanese, beacause everyone in Japan learns English in 5th grade. Make sure you remember these things as well as possible to avoid embarisment.

Weather or Not....

Here is the most likely forecast for your visit. Be expecting heat in July, all the way through September. June and September will probobly be rainy, so don't forget that umbrella. The weather in Winter is mild, but the temperatures can reach a bone-chilling 5 degrees celcius. September isn't the best time to go, because of typhoon season, but you might be able to get away without any hitting where you are. Scince the weather is so diverse all year round, the best time for you could be any time!


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