CHRISTIANITY--in the Middle East

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*Most common sects: Catholic, Protestant (includes Baptists, Methodists, Church of Christ, etc.), and Orthodox (includes Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.)

Central Teachings / Beliefs


*Sabbath (Sunday) is day of rest

*Trinity (Father,Son-Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit)

*Declaration of Faith : Salvation through atoning sacrifice (forgiveness of sins) of Jesus Christ (Son of God) who died for the sake of man's sin and rose again three days later-- thus giving believers eternal life in heaven


*Baptism- marks Christians entrance into church

*Holy Communion-sharing bread and wine to remember Jesus' Last Supper (last meal with his followers before he was crucified)




*Many titles--minister, preacher, priest, pastor, etc.

*Church hierarchy- bishop (several denominations) cardinal, pope (Roman Catholic), etc


*Holy Bible: Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and New Testament (story of Jesus' life and teachings and the spread of the message by Jesus' apostles)

Holy Days / Holidays

*Christmas - celebrates birth of Christ

*Easter - celebrates sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (which allows believers to live eternally with God in heaven).


*Jerusalem-Church of the Sepulchre (site of Jesus' crucifixion)

*Bethlehem--the site of Jesus' birth


* Cross --is probably the most recognized Christian symbol; has been used since earliest times

* Are other symbols such as the Ichthys (fish), Alpha and Omega, Staurogram, Chi Rho, Dove, etc.


*Christianity (along with Islam and Judaism)-- major influence on music of Middle East

*Hear songs of praise and prayer all over Middle East

An Arabic Christmas Carol (Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity)

BELIEFS Christianity SHARES WITH Islam and Judaism

1. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all monotheistic ("faith in a single, All-Powerful God who is the sole Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of the universe").

2. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism share Abraham as a common religious figure.