Professional Learning Plan (PLP)


The PLP is a tool that helps teachers plan and reflect upon their professional growth.

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Our school will use THREE indicators

  • Indicator 2.1 deals with classroom organization and management.
  • Indicator 2.8 deals with formative assessment.
  • You will select the 3rd indicator.


Click here for information needed to complete 2.1

Click here for information needed to complete 2.8

Things to think about as you complete your PLP...

Supporting Evidence:

Write a brief summary about your learning during PD and how you plan to implement the information you gained to bolster student achievement. PD listed below may be used as evidence.

  • Learning Fair Sessions related to indicator.
  • On-going school PD (common planning, lunch&learn, Instructional Rounds, Learning Walks, MLT, SSIP, CHAMPS, TIE, etc.)
  • "Safe and Civil Schools - CHAMPS" online book study.
  • "Leaders of Their Own Learning" online book study.
  • Professional Learning Networks (PLN) such as Twitter, Facebook, Edmodo, Youtube, blogs, etc.
  • Out of system PD (MEGA, LTF, PLTW, Ron Clark Academy)

CJHS Observation Form 2015-2016

Mr. West and Mrs. Hope will use the form below during their walkthroughs.

Please do not type on this form, it is a live document.