Toddler T.V. Shows

How does Music in Toddler T.V. Effect Children?


I have had many questions about how these shows affect little children. You see, toddlers are the future of society and this might affect our future. Here are some of the questions I have had. I chose this because it has always been an interesting conversation starter and an interesting question, too.

Questions + Answers

Q 1: How many songs are usually in one show?

A: Songs usually vary from 1-6 times, depending on the show.

Q 2: Do the songs teach the toddlers?

A: Yes. Most songs include an informational bit. Some songs will teach you throughout the entire song.

Q 3: How do the songs affect the toddlers?

A: The songs in a show like "Dora" make kids happy by appealing to their feelings.

Q 4: Do the toddlers enjoy the songs?

A: They do. Kids like the topics that cartoons use.