Ancient India



  • Harappan is the language
  • 400 symbols
  • contrast to cuneiform and hieroglyphics, the ​​Harappan language has been impossible to decipher


  • theocracy government
  • Priests likely prayed for good harvests and safety from floods.
  • Figures show ​​what may be early representations of Shiva, a major Hindu god.


  • Animal were important part of the Culture
  • Animals are seen on ​​pottery, small statues, children’s toys, and seals used to mark trade ​​items.


  • The Harappans conducted a thriving trade with peoples in the ​​​​region
  • Gold and silver came from the north in Afghanistan. ​​
  • The Indus River provided an excellent means of trans- ​​portation for trade goods
  • Ships used the Persian Gulf trade routes to bring copper, lum- ​​ber, precious stones, and luxury goods to Sumer