January 15, 2016

Happy Friday, Happy Three Day Weekend!

A big thank you to all of you for all you do. It's so exciting to see the differentiation and individualized personalized learning experiences going on in the classrooms. I can tell you that I have had an absolute BLAST reading in the K-2 classes and Jill has loved getting a chance to get into grades 3-5!

Have a great 3-day weekend!

:) Beth

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Congratulations to all of our SERVICE Award Winners!

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  • To Kenny and the 3rd Grade Team--- thank you all for filling in and helping out during my absence last week. Knowing you all were here to help my subs and that you took care of everything for me was such a relief!!! You all are the best!!!! Hugs, Beth N.

  • KATE MILLER IS A MIDDLE SCHOOL REGISTRATION ROCKSTAR! Even with the crazy registration deadlines, Kate and the 5th grade teachers STILL get out students signed up for MS! Rose

  • Thank you to everyone who was a part of, or helped with club pictures on Tuesday. It was a little crazy and off schedule due to a very meticulous photographer, so I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding! We will do our best to get those kiddos in the yearbook who did not make it down to the café when they were called and we are brainstorming a better way for next year! Thank you-Niki

  • Mrs. Bianchi Makes the Difference! Thank you for looking out for the safety of the “Traffic Staff” by making some morning drop off changes! The traffic jam is considerably less and more importantly, no one has been hit by a car!

  • Thank you Sara for taking care of the class in my absence. You are greatly appreciated! Erin

  • To the angels of the office……Angela, Corinne, Kelley………thank you for all you do to keep this Chick flying! Your help, advice, polite smiles…are always appreciated! Rose

  • Thanks John B. Dey for your support! I think the TOY Award should be changed to represent a team, as none of us are as successful by ourselves! So, thank you to the entire Dey team. I will strive to represent you all as well as Edgar has done this year. -Suzanne

  • Thank you Karen Reidelbach and Lynne Logan for helping me while I had the flu!

  • Talk about Grade Level Chair Extraordinaire?!? Thank you Ashlee for picking up the slack during my bout with the flu. You helped the subs, and let me rest without worry. I appreciated it more than you know. Love ya, Kelli White

  • Thank you, Valda! You have been there for many “quick fixes” in order to avoid a service ticket. You are the best! Lynn Jansen

  • Jamie Van Reesema: You are amazing! You go above and beyond your “duties,” and the work you do with my students is so appreciated! Thank you for all that you do! Lynn Jansen

  • Lynne Logan-Thank you for helping me fix the slippery laptop situation! Also, thank you for your help with all things DRA! Elizabeth Tosten

  • Amy Ansell-Thank you for squeezing my class in for extra help with Temples and Tombs! Elizabeth Tosten

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