New Video: Painting Demonstration!

Watch me paint and give tips on how to finish a painting!

Painting Demonstration

In this video, I show you how I finished an incomplete painting that was sitting on my easel for a while. If you're curious, you can give it a click and see how I paint, maybe pick up some tips.

Also, there a prints of the painting I was working on for sale on my website If you're interested in purchasing the original, just contact me!
Painting Demo: How to finish a painting!
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Other Upcoming News!

Some of my work is going up at the Wine & Art Bistro (315 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna) at the end of this month. Go and check it out if you are interested in viewing some artwork and having a glass of wine (sounds nice!)

In other news, I am gearing up to go to Iceland for my artist residency. I'll be keeping in touch and loading lots of photos to my facebook page ( as well as keeping you guys in touch via my newsletter and videos.

As for classes, I'm hoping to have something set for July 2015. I'll keep you guys posted!

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