By: Hannah Anthony

What is the size of Afghanistan?

251,825 sq miles (652,225 km²)

What is the population of Afghanistan?


How well educated and united is Afghanistan's population?

  1. "Education in Afghanistan includes K-12 and Higher education, which is supervised ... Despite improvements, large percentage of the population remained illiterate. .... In 2012, the supply of students far exceeded the pool of qualified teachers."
  2. United with their people.

How large and well equipped are Afghanistan's armed forces?

Afghanistan's military and police force has approximately 340,000 members. The majority of military weapons are US and former Soviet weapons. Afghanistan is almost completely dependent on money and support from the US and other countries for its maintenance training and supplies.

What are Afghanistan's physical features?

"Afghanistan is a dry, landlocked country, consisting mainly of rugged mountains, barren plateaus, and wind-swept steppes and deserts. Its most prominent feature is the Hindu Kush, a towering mountain range trending northeast-southwest from Kashmir to central Afghanistan."

How productive is Afghanistan's economy?

"Afghanistan remains one of the world's poorest countries with 40 percent unemployment and half the population living in some form of poverty." Due to the fact that there are major security concerns, it has been difficult for Afghan leaders to establish a self-sustaining economy that encourages trading and investments from/with other countries.

Some researchers believe that Afghanistan will require $8-12 billion per year in economic and military aid over the next decade to recover.