6th Grader Guide



Classes in 6th grade are pretty complicated. There are schedules, Math, Science, Social Studies, Encore, Electives, etc.. There are a lot of classes and you will have to walk around the school to search for classes, get your stuff from your locker, have a break, and get to classes in 4 min.! School can be pretty hard.

Electives and Encore

Electives are a classes that is like band, gym, art, drama, tech, etc.. Encore is a 40 min class its a time when your teacher reads a book to your class. Encore is also a time when you have free time each month on Thursdays.

What Are A+B Days?

A days are on Monday and Wednesdays and B days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays, its A day and B day together. For an example, first its A-1 then its B-1 then its A-2 then its B-2 and keep going with the pattern. But, on Friday its half the time on each class so on some classes they call it the fun friday because some classes what they do is that they have free time or play a game or they grade some work or its catch-up day. On Fridays the time is half the class time so you will have 45 min of each class on Fridays.


There are some procedures in East Middle School. You only have 4 min. to get in classes. 2, You need to have 4 things to bring to school every day, planner, paper, pencil, and book. 3, On the first day of school, they can go through rules. Like the clothes you can wear and can't wear, things you aren't suppose to do, they also tell you what classes you have like what you would have on A days and B days.


Lockers are hard to get in to if your new. To get into your locker first you need to turn your nob to the right to your 1st number. Then turn left and past 0 then do your 2nd number. Finally, turn to the right and past 0 then put in your last number. That is how you get into your locker.


Joanna Liu