Anchor's Away in 5th Grade!

Ms. Strobl's 5th Grade

Week of February 6-10

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Upcoming Tests

Monday: Prepositions retake

Friday: Spelling

Valentine Grams

Students brought home a sign-up sheet to purchase Valentine grams for their friends. If you would like to purchase one, please fill out the slip and send it back with the money.

In the classroom...


We finished our mythology unit this week and started a new read aloud. Hatchet by Gary Paulson is about a boy who is forced to survive in the Canadian wilderness with only his wits and a hatchet. Will Brian survive his ordeal? How will his struggle in the wilderness change him physically and mentally?

Language Arts

We are starting figurative language this week. We will begin with similes and metaphors. As your child reads their AR book, have them look for examples of theses literary elements.

In Writing we are still looking at ISTEP prompts. We finished one this week and had two students bravely volunteer to "grade" their prompt using the ISTEP Rubric. This next week, we will be doing another prompt which I will grade with the ISTEP Rubric and then conference with your child to help them better their writing.

I think the kids have finally gotten the hang of the new spelling tests! :)


We finished up our unit on measurement with a test today. Next week we start statistics with Mean, Median, Mode, and Range. Students can practice these topics on You do not need a membership for this. It will let you practice 20 questions a night without a membership.

Social Studies

We are really digging into our Colonial America unit. This week we discussed the 13 original colonies. Next week we will take a closer look about colonial life.

Science & Health

In Science, we are still working on our unit on the Solar System. We will be looking at all 8 planets, as well as the moon, and other objects. Your child has been assigned a project for this unit. You can find the details and a rubric in Canvas. Ask your child how to get to it. These are due February 17.
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Student Council

The Student Council food drive was held this week. Mrs. Meadows's class was the winner of the contest. Each student will be receiving a Homework Pass. Canned goods will be delivered to the Clearing House sometime this week. If you would still like to donate cans for this cause, we will still accept them on Monday. Thank you for helping the community!

Drama Club

Dress rehearsal for Drama Club will be this Thursday after school. Costumes need to be in by Wednesday. Our play is scheduled for Thursday, February 16th at 4pm.

Chess Club

Chess Club is down to 10 members! :( We will have a tournament in early March which will conclude Chess Club for this year.

Math Bowl

Math Bowl had their first competition at Lanesville a week and a half ago. They did an outstanding job! There were no class separations, so they were competing against middle school and private school teams. They ended up 5th with a score of 17. The overall winner only scored 20. Great job, JES!


Parents, if you have not signed up for Pinwheel, I encourage you to do so. This website will help you keep informed of activities, tests, projects, etc... that your child is involved in or has coming up. You can create an account and sign up for the groups that your kids are in. If your child does not participate in any extracurricular activities, it can still be beneficial to you. The school calendar is attached to Pinwheel. I will also be adding tests, projects, and other 5th grade dates on Pinwheel. It's really simple to do!

"In an effort to improve communication between Johnson Elementary and our school community, we are now using Pinwheel. We are sure you will appreciate the convenience of a single source for all the information you want to know in a simple, intuitive system. You will be able to stay on top of everything that your kids are up to, and can receive homework and test reminders …as well as club meetings, practices, and game updates. Information came home with your students to help you to create a Pinwheel account." --Mr. Routt