The New England Colony

By: Lauryn Peterson (A very famous writer)

What are some of the Qualities of the New England Colony?

The New England Colony has many trees and thin rocky soil. There is lots of farmland and the colony is right next to the ocean. There are many jobs to chose from when you finally get settled. You can chose from a Farmer, a Pearson that trades, Lumber Jacks, Fisherman, or a ship builder. The climate there is wonderful. In the fall there is a big harvest season to kick off the long winter.

Did we have an early settlement?

Yes. We came in 1620. We came because we had different beliefs than the rest of England and we wanted to practice our religion without being set to jail.

These are some of the pictures we have taken

An interview from Sydney Munch

Do you like living in the New England Colony?

Yes! There is very good land and we are right next to the water.

Every year is there a great/good harvest?

Every year there is a good harvest because the climate doesn't stay warm as long as the other colonies.

Dose your family like living in the New England Colony?

Of course! My big sister and me like exploring on the beach. My mom likes it here because the are tons of neighbors. My dad loves it here because there are many jobs that he can choose from.

Compare and Contrast

Some things that are different about this colony than the others are the warm seasons don't last that long. And we don't believe in owning land of any sort.

Some things that are the same about the colonies are that many of the jobs are the same and there are lots of trees and they are next to the water.