English I Poetry Portfolio

Major Test Grade for the 3rd Six Weeks

How do poems convey deep emotions, elaborate mental images, and express our thoughts on various subjects?

The requirement for this project is to create a collection of 8 poems. You can only use three (3) song lyrics as poems.

For each poem you will need the following:

  1. An analysis of each poem; you need to explain the tone, mood, theme, subject/topic, and why you chose the poem. (5 points per poem: 40 points)
  2. A visual representation for each poem. (3 points per poem: 24 points)
  3. Four examples of figurative language in such poem. (2 points per poem: 16 points)
  4. Cover page which has your heading, title and a brief explanation of your project, along with a dedication to someone. (5 points)
  5. Sources of all poems cited with the web address, web page title, author/title of poem. (5 points)
  6. Creativity. Overall creativity and neatness of project including correct spelling and grammar. (10 points)

Due Date: Friday, November 8, at 4:00

Here is an example you can look at:

Check out this website for online presentation tools to get started.