Football Game Mishap

By: Hunter

Bay Port Blue

In the early fall, I went to Bay Port football game with my friend Carter. We watched the game on the sidelines because my dad is a coach. He said I could bring one friend on the sidelines, so I chose Carter because we both love football. About 10 minutes into the game Carter and I heard everyone on the bleachers yelling "Aaron Rodgers!"Carter and I looked over to one of our friends, then he. Pointed to where Aaron was. We walked up to Aaron and gave him a high five and asked him for a picture. He said to come back in the middle of the fourth quarter. So Carter and I walked up to our friends behind the gates, and started to chat. In the middle of our conversation, a group of teen girls walk up to is and begged us to meet Aaron. I immediately said "No." Right in the middle of the fourth quarter , Carter and I started to walk up Aaron Rodgers. When we were about 10 yards away from him, we saw him leaving! I was so frustrated! After the game, Carter went on Twitter and tweeted to A. Rod. "What happened to the picture you said you would take with us?" I don't know what happened after that but I hope I see him again to get that picture he promised!