Atlantic Slave Trade

By: Dana Hemmingsen

The beggining

The Atlantic slave trade began in the mid-fifteenth century when the Portuguese got interested into the Africans. When the Portuguese started expanding their empire they lacked one major thing, A work force. And they found that most native people were found unreliable, and they European were unsuited because they were dealing with tropical diseases. So the Portuguese hired other tribes to take people from other tribes so they can bring them back to the new world and make them do all the work
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The voyages

After they were loaded into the ship two by two men and women were forced beneath the the deck into the bowels of the ship. They were packed so tight that there was barely any air to breathe. Elbows and wrist will be scraped to the bone from the motion of the ship. Within a week some will die from diseases and some of starvation. After three centuries of the slave trade they started to fed to slaves 3 times a day and made air holes at the top of the deck so were the Africans can breathe.


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