This book is a child friendly book and an easy story for kids. My Freind Rabit won the Caldecott Award in 2003. The wonderful Author and illustrator is Eric Rohmann. Eric Rohmann wrote this book to entertain people. He also wrote this story to teach childeren about friendship and working together. Eric Rohmann has a BS in Art an a MS in studioArt from Illinois. He grew up in Downers Grove, he taught printing and painting. I think My Friend Rabbit won the Caleicott Award, because it is a colorful book and the pictuers really match the story. It is also easy and funny book for kids. Eric Rohmann even has his own website.

comparing books

My friend Rabbit and Cinderella are very different if u think of it. Cinderella is about a maid who falls in love with a prince. My friend Rabbit is about a rabbit and a mouse that work together to try to accomplish something. If u think of it they are also alike in some ways. Cinderella and My friend Rabbit have very god pictures that go along with they story. The are both easy and child like story's too. they are both very good books but they are different in a lot of ways.


This book is about something truly special. that special thing is friendship. friendship is one of the most important thing in life. Eric Rohmann was trying to teach kids about the real meaning of friendship. the real meaning of friendship is that helping someone and making them fell special. My Friend Rabbit is about friendship and it is also about love. The Rabbit in this story is all about that and the mouse is all about that too.