Personal Attributes

Specific Skill

Specific skill are skills that are special to a job or roles within life. For example a data center engineer needs to have the able to find problems and fix within a hour of the server going down and be a quick learn. Also with jobs becoming more skilled base specific skill are become more important.


General attributes is skill such as basic computer abilities, planning skills, time management and communication skill all of this is valued by employer because it shows you can manage-self and are self dispensed.

Attitudes are skill such as independent, dependable and a good problem-solver. This is valued by employers because it shows you can be trusted and able to advance at your job.

General communication skill

You have to suit the language you use to the audience you are speaking to. This could be talking to you boss about your project and using low technical language so that he understands.

Interpersonal Skill

This takes place when talking to someone face to face. This is important because people with disables such as hear impediment or are blind aren't able to hear the change in the person's voice or see the change the in facial experience. Also people with low EQ's find it harder to identify people's emotions and can't tell when be are be sarcastic. The way to help solve this is to find a job that they enjoy and don't give them a manger who doesn't know about the employee's job and are less qualified then them.

Communication in writing

Written communication is the hardest form of communication because the way someone writes someone can be interpreted in a completely different by someone else. This form of communication release on good use of grammar and understand of a language such as English. The way you write to someone will change depending on variables like who it is, what it's about and if they have disabilities such as dyslexic. The way to solve this to use less technical language and complex words.

Background Noise

Background noise will stop effective communicate because loud noise can course a distraction, which then leads to people not listening to what the speaker is saying. This could be fixed by using a quicker area or have rooms sound provided.


Distractions will always make people loss focus on the speaker which could lead to the listener not hear the information give to them. Also with a large group it means that the speaker has to repeat what they have say and could have forget where they were and this means more time is take to do so. the way to fix this is to find a office with less distractions like ground floor windows or big windows in any rooms.

Physical Barriers

Physical barrier can be been blind or having hearing problems. This can course lots of problems for people, as they need to find a way to communicate effectively with them sure as signal language or brill writing.


The location that the you share information is important, you need to choose the right place. For example share classified information in a public place where anyone can be listening isn't the best place.

Lack of Concentration

The lack of concentration is normal because the subject is boring or because they are be talked at not to, so they aren't engaged with to what is been said. The can be fixed by getting the listeners involved with the speaker.

Mechanisms To Reduce The Impact Of These Barriers

The most effective mechanism to reduce the impact of the barriers is to put yourself in their part and think of what could be a protection barrier to communicate effectively. Also look at what you yourself are doing that could course a problem when communicating with others.