Mystery Tour Update

Information to help plan and prepare for our Mystery Tour

Tour Cost

The updated tour cost will be $500 per student. We added another day to the trip and packed those days full of events and activities. This also includes us taking a second vehicle (school van) for some adults to be able to get food and groceries for our meals while we are traveling. This vehicle is what opened ups additional spots for students to go on the trip.

Payment dates and amounts

The final cost of our Mystery tour is $500 per student. Because of the time it has taken to communicate this information, please make one final payment that brings your total to $500. If you paid the original $200 deposit, you would have $300 left that is owed on the trip. Play pay this on or before Friday, June 24 (Sauk Rapids Parade Date).

All payments go to SRRHS. Please put Mystery Tour trip 2016 in the memo portion of the check.


The chaperones for this trip will be Joan Frerich (mother of Maria Frerich-Flute), Renee Zeleny (mother of Anna Zeleny-Drum Major), Karen Brennhofer (mother of Alyssa Brennhofer-Flute), Daniel Wennekamp (father of Andrew Wennekamp-Drumline), Stephanie Gibbs (mother if Izzy Gibbs-Colorguard) and Judy Hackett (mother of Logan Hackett-Trumpet). We thank them for their service to the marching band trip and are equally thankful to all who applied and were not selected at this time.

How will we know what to bring?

A generic packing list will be shared with students in June. This will list all of the kinds of items you need to have with you for this trip. With regard to items that can be shared, we will ask students to communicate and coordinate with your family groups about having one or two items in your group so not everyone has to bring them.

Luggage will be limited because space is limited. We will be bringing equipment, instruments uniforms, sleeping bags and luggage. Everyone needs to pack efficiently and carefully so we have room for everything.

The lists we offer will help guide you on size of suitcase, number of different items you should plan to bring and more.


We are currently calculating booster meals and meals that students will need to have additional cash to purchase while we travel. The booster meals are already figured into the cost of the trip so there will not be anything extra here. As we get closer to the trip date, we will offer students and parents a predicted amount of cash to bring along on this trip for food.

We also will be asking students to share any food allergies or sensitivities that they may have. Situations where we have purchased meals in advance will need to know your choice of meal (when there are options). We will communicate that information around the middle of June.


There are three ways you will be able to get information about our upcoming trip.

1. Facebook group. We have created a facebook group for those people traveling with us on our Mystery Tour. You can find it HERE. The group name is 2016 Marching Storm Mystery Tour.

2. Smore newsletter. Information will be sent out to those going on the trip through a newsletter like this one. Students and parents will be on the mailing list. These newsletters will also be put on as well as Facebook group for this trip.

3. Meeting. We will have a face to face meeting with students and parents on Monday, June 20 at 7:00 pm in the Band Room. This meeting will go over basic items that parents may have a concern about and offer question and answer time for both students and parents.