By Angel R. and Cameron B.

Schooled You!!!(The characters of Schooled)

Capricorn "Cap" Anderson-A hippy boy that is now introduced to a school for the first time of his life

Zach Powers- The bully who bullied Cap on his first day.

Hugh Winkleman-Caps friend on the first day.

Rain-Caps grandmother

Naomi Erlanger-A Zach Powers follower.

About Schooled

13-year old Cap is the main character of Schooled. When he was young he was home schooled.
When he was 8 year old Rain tought Cap to drive. One day Rain broke her hip and Cap was forced to move in with a family known as the Donnellys. Cap is going to a new school and turns into the best 8th grade president ever.

Why we recomend it.

Schooled is a good book for any one who likes exitement, suspense, and comedy.

By reading this book we learned that people at new school can make friend and try not to be enemies .