The Fish and the Bird

A story about a fish and a bird

One beautiful, sunny moring, a bird named Bobby and a fish named Fred, were best friends. They loved all of the same things and they loved to do them togther. Singing was their favorite thing to do together. One moring they woke up as good as ever, except this time was different. Just as Bobby was brusing his teeth, he heard Fred with another fish singing Bobby and Freds favorite song. He put on his hat and flew outside. He was very angry with Fred. Bobby told him that they could not be friends anymore. Fred was upset but enjoyed the day with his new friend. Bobby was walking around the park that morning and saw a bird with the same white feather and the same crystal blue eyes as he did. They bacame instant friend after 10 minutes of singing together. Bobby told his new friend that he wanted to go down to the pond so he could meet Fred. He agreed to going down there and so they sang songs the whole way down. When Bobby showed Fred his new friend, Fred got jelous. Bobbys new friend became best friends with Freds new friendso nnow they didnt have their new friends anymore. That niht Fred was looking up at the sky and So was Fred. They were both wishing on the same star that they could be friends again.