Jamestown 1619

A New Governor

George Yeardley became governor of Virginia after being appointed the position by the King in April, with the job reorganizing the Virginia Company’s lifestyle, establishing base rules, making change for the better, building a college at Henrico, and organizing a government. These instructions are often called “The Great Charter.” One of the major accomplishments on the list was a new government. The House of Burgesses was set up in that July, only three months after becoming Governor. This was the first democratically-elected legislation in the New England colonies. This system remained Virginia's government until 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed.


Slavery in Virginia

Due to the major increase in the cultivation of tobacco in just the two years before, slaves were brought in to help with the labor needed to harvest the crop. Not only was tobacco a leading source in economic profit, so were slaves. Slaves, although they were treated with as much dignity as the indentured servants, were sold and traded for gain. Slavery became an issue once it became racially discriminatory. Slaves were used in America all the up until 1865, 246 years after the first 20 had reached the shores of Virginia. The number of slaves grew, in that amount of time, from 20 to 3.9 million. There are claims that the slaves at one point, outnumbered the number of whites. 1619 was a very eventful year, with no understanding of how serious the future would be.



When Jamestown was first settled in 1607, there were no women because Jamestown was established by The London Company that had no women. The colony was declining in population because of the slim availability for women. Families were not being made because there were women that were able to marry and have kids at the time. It wasn't until 1619 that a large number of women came to Virginia, helping shift the gender balance and make the colony more viable. Once women arrived and close the gap a lot more, a once failing colony got back on its feet and start climbing towards it colonial power. Women were more important to Virginia's success thank you may think. Not only did women give more opportunity for population growth, they were able to stay at home and work. This had a major impact because it let the men work on the farm and be more productive at work, instead of them having to manage a home at the same time.


The year 1619 was a major year for the colony of Virginia with the occurrence of the following

-House of Burgesses

-Introduction of Slavery

-Women to balance the population