Education For Everyone

Spread the Word of Childrens Rights!

Every child has the right to an education.

Education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty that traps so many children.

Millions of children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities, many as a result of poverty.

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Right now, 67 million children are not being educated. With your help, we can change that.

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  • In the sub-Saharan, 11.07 million children leave school before completing their primary education. In South and West Asia, that number reaches 13.54 million
  • Children living in a rural environment are two times more likely to be out of school than urban children
  • Children who are born to educated mothers are less likely to be stunted or malnourished
  • Children living in north-eastern Africa are least likely to go to school, according to new world rankings

Cartoons for Child Rights: "Education" (India)