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Planet Sherston is jam-packed with thousands of curriculum-mapped activities, videos and games that are perfect for learners aged from 3 to 11, with modules that cover:

  • English - from just £199 per year!
  • Maths - from just £199 per year!
  • Science - from just £199 per year!
  • Computing - from just £199 per year!
  • Humanities - from just £199 per year!

Planet Sherston transforms learning into a games-based experience that guides your pupils to achieving their goals! Through giving context to work and creating fun, Planet Sherston maximises pupils' retention of learning and motivates them to continue doing their best – even when learning is tough!

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Curriculum-mapped Activities

Every one of Planet Sherston's thousands of easily searchable activities has been designed by teachers, for teachers. Each has a specific learning outcome in mind and all have been mapped directly to the National Curriculum. This means that it's easy to find the right activity for your pupils' needs.

No more marking!

As pupils excel through Planet Sherston's activities, their hard work is automatically marked and recorded directly against the National Curriculum on the Progress Table making it easy to see how every pupil and class is performing at just a quick glance. This means it's a breeze to evidence to parents and OFSTED, all whilst freeing teachers to focus on doing the thing that they're best at: teaching.

Create Lessons & Homework with Drag & Drop!

Our intuitive Task Manager allows teachers to easily build lessons and homework from Planet Sherston's thousands of activities. It's as easy as drag and drop, meaning even the least tech-savvy of teachers will get to grips with it in minutes. Assign your tasks to individual children, groups, classes or even the whole school before sitting back and watching as the results roll in thanks to automatic marking. It's the perfect way to support differentiated learning in your school, whilst saving hours of time on marking worksheets!

Personalised & Independent Learning

Meet Learn with Flobot – Planet Sherston's Adaptive Learning engine for English, Maths & Science! Think of providing your pupils with access to Learn with Flobot as providing them with access to their very own personal tutor that's always available wherever and whenever they're ready to learn!

Learn with Flobot continuously analyses your pupils' ages and abilities before selecting the most appropriate content for them to explore from Planet Sherston's thousands of curriculum-linked activities. Because of this, your pupils receive a super-personalised, online learning experience that's not only fun and engaging but the most effective way for them to learn independently.

FREE Home Access!

Subscribe to Planet Sherston and your teachers and pupils will benefit from access both at school and from home – with no additional cost. Planet Sherston is the perfect way for your pupils to continue their learning after school, on the weekends and during the school holidays - preventing learning loss!

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