Hammurabi's Code: No More Cruelty!

Hammurabi's Code is cruel, it's not right!

Imagine you are a doctor, and you just messed up, resulting in your patient to die. Hammurabi finds out, and your hands are chopped off. Cruel, right? This is a punishment from Hammurabi's Code. His laws have some punishments even worse. Drowning, Banishment, and even worse.
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The Cruel Rules

One of Hammurabi's cruelest codes is Law 25; If fire starts in a house, and the person who comes to put it out steals from the house, he will be thrown into the fire. This law is cruel, even if it's a robber.

Not Right!

Overall, putting all this information together justifies that Hammurabi's Code was not right. He didn't care about how the people were hurt. Many rules result in death and torture. This was not a fair way to live. Hammurabi's Code is not just!
- Cayley Wittig