by: Ms. Miekina

Is the planet terrestrial or jovian?

Earth is a terrestrial planet.

Blue Marble. 2015. NASA, n.p.

What is the length of a year?

One year on earth is 365 days.

What is the length of day?

One day on earth is 24 hours.

How many moons does the planet have?

We have 1 moon.

Does the planet have rings?

No we do not have any rings.

What is the composition of the atmosphere?

Our atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% Argon and other gasses.

Space Atmosphere. 2015. HippoWallpapers, n.p.

What is the average high and low temperatures?

Minimum -126 F

Maximum 136 F

What are 3 distinguishing characteristics of the planet?

1. We are the only planet known to contain life.

2. We are the only planet known to possess liquid water (at this time).

3. The earth is 4.5 billion years old!

Earth Layers. 2015. NASA, n.p.

Name at least 2 missions that explored the planet.

All missions to explore our planet can be included!

1. 1946 = V-2 test rocket obtained the first picture of earth from space.

2. 1958 = Explorer 1 discovered the Van Allen Belts surrounding the earth.

What is the mythology behind the name of the planet?

Earth is the German word for ground.