Why We Eat What We Eat

Bryan Ketchie

External Influences

a. Media -- Commercials, Ads

b. Economics -- The faster the production, the faster we get food.

c. Environmental -- No pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, or fertilizers made with sewer sludge.

d. Technological -- Improvements of how to eat healthier.

Individual Influences

a. Physiological -- Based on age and what you feel like eating. Also, if you are more active, you will tend to eat more healthy.

b. Psychological -- The better you feel, the better you'll eat. The worse you feel, the worse you'll eat.

c. Personal -- A persons favorite foods, a lot of the times it's what they are raised on.

d. Culture and Customs -- A persons cultural food, for example if a man was Japenese, his cultural food would be Japanese.

e. Tradions -- A food that has been consumed throughout generations.

Healthy Food Choices

a. Dietary Guidlines for Americans