Discrimination VS Equality

Alanis Neely


Equality is defined as the circumstance of being equal, specifically in terms of status, rights, and opportunities. This is a specific right that everyone should be able to have. But unfortunately all around the world, is consistently violated. Millions of people experience inequality everyday. This common act can occur due to many specific reasons such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. An effect of Inequality is for example, labeling. Victims of discrimination are generally referred to as certain characteristics that classify them as their certain trait. These specific labels are what help shape the constant cycle of inequality.

Long-term Affects

Throughout history and even now, many wars and conflicts between countries have started due to discrimination. For example the 1994 genocide in Rwanda occurred because of tribal identities between the Hutu and Tutsi. This discrimination costed about 2 million lives in the course of just 100 days. Another example is the Holocaust, where dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler lead the Nazi party and killed about six million Jewish people due to their race, physical appearance, and sexual orientation. Although discriminating only leads to violent and worse conflicts, people still somehow feel it's necessary.


This conflict occurs due to others feeling a level of superiority, and leads to even worse problems such as war, which can cause terrorism, famines, and other global issues. In order to prevent inequality there are several actions that can be made, but I feel that people must first change their judgmental mind-sets. One way to start preventing discrimination is by promoting diversity, this would especially be useful for equality in the work-place. By doing this it would value other races differences, and make them realize other people are capable of specific tasks. A second way is by encouraging equality, if all people do this the chances in the prevention of discrimination are much more likely, and it may influence people to realize that we are all equal. In addition to this we must also make peaceful actions, this would have an extreme affect because it would also prevent conflicts. But as you can see in order to make these certain ideas happen, it must first start with the people.