Beware: Do not read this Poem

By: Kortney Krueger


The theme of this poem is that sometimes people disappear without leaving any trace behind.


-Surrounded her self with many mirrors (3/4)

*This is saying that she disappeared in the mirrors

-This poem has your eyes (37)

* The poem has your attention which explains the poem has your eyes

-nobody can hear you can they (29)

*If you disappeared into thin air, nobody would be able to hear you

Figurative Language

Sound Devices


-you can't call out (33)

*You can't ask people to help you, you're on your own.

-lost a loved one (14)

* Some peoples loved ones have disappeared without leaving any trace



*The poem is burping because it just ate you

Why I like this Poem...

Although this poem is weird, I found it interesting. I was interested in this poem because it gives an answer to how people disappear, even though it may not be correct.