Sandusky Jr./Sr. High School

September Newsletter

We're Back!

The dedicated staff of Sandusky Jr./Sr. High School came back to work (officially) on Monday, August 28 for staff professional development. The behind-the-scenes things that these educators do to prepare for the school year would amaze most people if they truly knew the depth of the professional learning in which the take part. Our students are blessed to have such amazing professionals to guide their learning.
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Summer Doesn't Stop Their Giving

The students of Sandusky Jr./Sr. High School are becoming famous for their charitable acts and their constant giving to their community. You might think that this slows down in the summer when school is not in session but you'd be wrong. Our students have been experiencing that intrinsic motivation to give back to the community that supports them so generously. They're learning lessons that go far beyond the classroom and that will last a lifetime. Here's a sampling of what they were up to this summer.

Ms Kranz Adds Flexible Seating Via Donors Choose

Our 7th/8th Grade ELA teacher Ali Kranz wanted to add flexible seating to her classroom. Though much research indicates the benefits of such a seating set-up, costs make a large-scale application of this difficult. Rather than be deterred by this obstacle, Ms Kranz put out a Donors Chose project and made her dream a reality thanks to many generous donors (including several SHS parents and other SHS staff members).

More Water Bottle FIll Stations Added to SHS

We all know the health benefits of drinking more water, yet many of us still don't drink enough. To help our students drink more water, several of them wrote a grant to Dental Dental that resulted in SHS receiving two water bottle filling stations completely free of charge. To follow up on that student-led initiative, SHS has currently replaced three more of the old drinking fountains in the building with similar water bottle filling stations, pictured below. Very soon a fourth station will be added to the cafeteria and not too long after that we'll be adding two more to the gym. Once that happens, we will have replaced all of our original water fountains with water bottle filling stations. We will also soon be getting brand new water bottles to each student.

We're happy to mention that all of this has been done without the use of General Fund money. Many different fundraising sources, including monetary gifts from past graduating classes, have made this important upgrade possible!

Fall Sports Schedule

We'll put the current sport schedule on this newsletter each month. Please note that times/dates can occasionally change.

NEW: Redskin Rewards Program for Students at Sandusky Jr./Sr. High

A brand-new program this year at SHS is called the Redskin Rewards Program. Details are still being finalized so the program is currently set to launch in October. By excelling or showing improvement in grades, attendance, behavior, and character development, students will be able to earn entry into one of four levels of the program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Each level brings different rewards and privileges and membership is determined each marking period. This means students who don't earn membership right off the bat can make improvements to earn membership later in the year. It also means that students that do enter the program have to continue to excel to stay in the program.

More details will be shared with students in the first week of school and prior to the program officially launching we'll share the details with parents and our community. For now, we invite you to stay tuned!

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Sandusky Jr./Sr. High School

Principal: Mr. Steve Carlson

Counselor: Mrs. Kristy Roskey

Athletic Director: Mr. Al DeMott

The mission of Sandusky High School is to provide a safe learning environment where all students can receive a quality education that will allow them to compete successfully in a global society.