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Ever wonder about what the librarian is doing when he/she doesn't have classes? We have a complete living quarters set up in our storage closets and often take naps. Obviously I'm joking, but you would be surprised how many people think that and it could not be any further from the truth.

If we are lucky and have nothing else pressing we are shelving. The books just don't magically reappear on the shelves. As much as we dream and wish they magically placed themselves in the proper spot the only way they get there is if we put them there. Often times that has to take a back seat to book repair, turning paperbacks into hardbacks so they will last longer, pulling books for teachers, pulling books for students, lesson planning, generating new ways to distribute information or simply keeping up with what is already in place. Many of us hold other jobs to help support the school community such as Tech Liaisons or LPAC Lead Teachers. One of the biggest tasks we have is managing our collection to ensure our staff and students have the latest in books and technology resources.

There is a ton of paper work that is part of our daily job. So, no we do not grade papers or fill in RTI files, but we are constantly keeping count and inventory of what we have on the shelves, what we need, are we keeping up with the latest contests, circulation statistics, how many drop-in have we seen, how many classes have we seen, have we scheduled the books fairs (a year ago) to correspond with our family nights and if not can we get them changed. Is the layout of the library working for all patrons and if not how might it be changed and when should we change it. Finally, not that this encompasses all that we do, but I can only write about so much...we are all teetering with this new thing called the MAKERSPACE. All of this data is submitted in official format to our Library Sciences department on a six weeks basis.

What do we like best about our jobs? Well, that's easy...when I get to turn my librarian hat around and once again be teacher and teach our students. We were teachers first and will be forever, but now we get to add on our love for books.

A Wealth of Information

Did you know that you can get a wealth of information on straight from my website. On the site are the links to databases, rich with research tools, and our catalog. You can also find the links to our online books and you can search to see if a book has an AR quiz. Check it out by going to select Faculty and Staff and then select Library.

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