Midwest region

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Geographical Features

The Midwest region of the United States of America is that it is generally flat, but it does contain some major landforms that are very elevated. We also have rolling hills, rising mountains, and descending valleys.

Cold winters, hot summers and without any oceans nearby to moderate the temperatures, summers can be hot, and winters can be frigid. Tornadoes ar also hazardous.

Natural resources

There are lots of natural resources in the Midwest, including: Rich fetal soil, which is a big help when people are farming! There is water for drinking in the Great Lakes!

Regional food

Chicago has a deep dish pizza, Michigan has growing vegetables, and Wisconsin has a fat elves on a stick.
Famous people in the Midwest

Nail Armstrong was the first person on the moon, he is from Wapakoneta Ohio. Taylor Lautner is a movie star from twilight, he is from grad Rapids Michigan. Terry crews is a tv actor from flint Michigan. RVD is a wrestler from battle creek Michigan.

What does the Midwest region make?

The Midwest region makes different kinds of cars. We also have made faygo. We also have the only jiffy mix in the world and they make different kinds of food.

What kind of jobs does the Midwset have?

There are many jobs in the Midwest and some are more important than others. We have me