Monday, February 1

Rachel's Adventures at Grove City

Google Forms

Today in Technologies of Instruction, we learned about Google Forms. This is a neat tool that we can use to give surveys to our students, like with student interest surveys. I wrote about it in my digital portfolio:

Meeting with my virtual co-op

I met with my virtual co-op, Shane Mills, on Saturday afternoon. He teaches calculus and pre-calculus at Freeport high school. He drove up to meet me in person, which was very nice of him (he did go to GCC, so that's probably why). I offered to buy him his coffee since he drove up to meet me but he refused. We made a google form together (which is on the link above). He told me about how he runs his class. He's implementing a new strategy of teaching this year, which is what the survey on google forms is about. We also exchanged phone numbers. We were together for 2 and a half hours just talking about all sorts of stuff. We talked about changes at Grove City since he graduated in 2011, and all sorts of mathy and college things. I really like him. I'm grateful I have a good co-op, since some of my classmates have co-ops that aren't responding to emails or anything! I just got a text from Mr. Mills saying that his Technologies of Instruction student from last semester didn't correspond well with him, so I'm obviously making a good impression!

I am currently working on a digital worksheet for Mr. Mills' AP Calculus class. He sent me the topic they are working on (optimization, though that probably doesn't mean much to you) and is letting me see what I can do with it.


Yesterday I went to the evening vespers service in the chapel. I haven't gone to one before. It's more like a regular church service, and I really liked it. There weren't a lot of people there, but I went because Anna and Maria were singing in the choir. I also knew a few other people in the choir, including one of the girls from my worship team. They sang a few hymns and another classical song. They sounded really pretty!