seth saldana


Truly you Will love Lineville so much for the rest of the year and your life it's a great school here's some thing about it

Passing time

I bet you're wondering about passing time. Passing time is only four minutes. if you don't make it to class on time you'll get a minor four minutes. Is not a long time for us we have too do are locker combination and we have too carry are binders. and go to class and work In class is hard passing time is hard to follow and hard. To work at just too get on time.


You need your locker for a lot of things. First you need to go right then left then right again.

It is really hard at first but it is really easy once you know how to do it. Also you can have all your stuff in a locker and your lock is the key. Sometimes your locker Will rust and it will be hard to open.


Lunch there is A la cart and district ollacart has different kinds of food they have cookies,bagels,while district gets salad, carrots, but you don't pay for district lunch you pay for ollacart,but ollacart is better than district. The choices of lunch is always on a white board.

Minors :(

Discipline if you get 3 minors or more you will not participate in the incentive and minors are things that you get for not completed your homework or being disrespectful majors are things you get for talking back to a teacher and getting 3 minors.


Incentives are something you get for not getting 3 minors for the whole month! you get incentives at the end of the month and choices are you can play dodgeball,capture the flag,all kinds of things! So don't forget to do your homework.


You are going too love lineville it is a great school

That's all, I got too go.