Mrs. Ball's Weekly Update

March 19, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

Dear families,

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Unfortunately, no leprechauns were caught in first grade, but no one can say we didn't try! This fun activity was the perfect way to launch into Science Fair season! Children are natural inventors. I loved learning the intricate details of how their traps were designed and the theories behind their creations. Hopefully this will be a launching pad for your child's own science fair projects! This educational evening is paired with our school's Art Show. Please know that this is an optional event, but one worth the effort! Whether your child participates or not we hope you will join us for this wonderful evening on April 14th.

We kicked off our Air Unit this week with two investigations involving how air moves and by making parachutes to demonstrate air resistance. This week we are fortunate enough to have Rick Hartman (the Toymaker) bring our science concepts to life while building air toys! We are in need of parent volunteers! If you are able to assist Wednesday afternoon, please let me know. Thank you in advance and check out his link below.

You will notice in your homework that math looks slightly different this week. We are in the process of evaluating a new program for next year. Please note that we have not introduced these concepts to the children. We will begin instruction on Monday. There is quite a bit of reading, however we very much like the conceptual understanding this program emphasizes along with the added rigor. Lessons are not differentiated this week to evaluate how students of all ability levels fair. Any feedback is welcome! Thank you!

Snapshots from our week

Dates and Reminders

  • 3/18 Report Cards go home

  • 3/21 Star Student - Henry
  • 3/21 Science Fair Registration due
  • 3/21 Enrichment Classes begin
  • 3/23 Science Fair boards sent home
  • 3/23 In-House Field Trip: Air Toys with Rick Hartman
  • 3/25 Deadline to order Evergreen Mariners' Tickets
  • 3/27 Easter
  • 3/28 Star Student - Asher
  • 3/31 OPT meeting at 6:00 p.m.

  • 4/4 - 4/8 Spring Break
  • 4/11 Jesse Star Student
  • 4/11 Field Trip: Mercer Slough "Investigating Habitats"
  • 4/13 Science Fair Projects due
  • 4/14 Science & Art Fair at 5:30 p.m.
  • 4/18 Star Student - Brayden
  • 4/22 Last day of Box Top submissions
  • 4/22 Earth Day Litter-less lunch
  • 4/22 School Dance & Silent Auction at 6:00 p.m.
  • 4/25 Star Student - Katya
  • 4/28 OPT Sponsored Assembly - Be Fit
  • 4/29 PLPs go home