Kaeona Bree Marquez

National Archives

When it was Built

The National Archives was built in 1934. Franklin Roosevelt was the one who signed the papers for the National Archives building. In the year 1934 , June 19th Roosevelt signed the papers. The National Archives building was built in Washington D.C.


N.A.R.A is the headquarters of the Archives. N.A.R.A holds all the records. The National Archives holds 5.5 million maps , charts , and engineering drawings. The Archives holds 7 billion records total. N.A.R.A stands for National (N) Archives (A) Records (R)

Administration (A).


Here is some other facts about how the National Archives building began. The National Archives building was harder to design that other Federal buildings. It was more than an office for workers. It stored a lot of information , there was some information that was priceless to the Congress. Before they choose where to put it they moved it twice. Pope Russell was on of the workers that help build the National Archives building.


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