NJASL (un)Conference #njaslunconf

Participant-driven! No spectators allowed!

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What is an unconference?

Following the morning session, Shannon and Joyce will facilitate our (un)Conference. No keynotes! No panels! An opportunity to share even if you did not submit a proposal!
The focus is on informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, and sharing!
Want more unconference background?


Two strands of participant-driven conversations
Stinks/rocks debates
A few library games

Professional growth, networking!

Culminating Smackdown session (at 4PM!)

Help us get ready!

For the unConf: Think of conversations you'd like to lead or participate in or ideas you just want to discuss and share them on stickynotes.

For the Smackdown: Add a slide (or slides) to our Smackdown Google Doc.

On your sticky notes, you can share:

I want to discuss . .
I want to know more about . .
I can lead a conversation about . .
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Join us for the unConf and the Smackdown!

Monday, Oct. 27th, 1:30-4:30pm

1 Ocean Blvd

Long Branch, NJ