by: Darian Hubbard

Bravius, Eden of the Sea and Mountains

Bravius is a medium sized country that borders Greece and Turkey. It holds the tail end of the Anotolian Mountains that spread throughout Turkey. And also provides beaches and views of the sea on the southern coast that borders the Mediterranean Sea.

Bravius exports Gold, Technological parts for computers and cars, iron, and fisheries to the south. Bravius is a great country, that holds great promise for new and flourishing families. Schools for every town, markets for selling produce and goods, and great tourist destinations along the coast.

We hope you visit soon!

Economic Outreach

Here in Bravius we have what is called a Mixed Market Economy. Our government regulates how much of a product is being produced, and allows businesses the freedom in deciding what they want to sell.

The government wants everyone to have the economic freedom, and stability they deserve. Bravius creates and advances technological pieces everyday. Providing businesses, schools, homes, and citizens with the most up to date computers, tablets, and online informational resources!

Being able to stay stable is also a huge part of our economy. We want citizens to have a steady income, and still be stable enough to purchase goods and services as they wish.

Treating everyone equally is all we do here in Bravius, no matter your race, gender, or religion, we will treat you like everyone else.