Mrs. Carroll's Class News

Sept. 19-23, 2016

News and Notes:

The children are really enjoying learning about 3D shapes. They loved visiting our "Shape Museum". It really helps them learn the shapes when they see real-life objects that are those shapes. A video about 3D shapes is at the end of the newsletter. It also is located on the Symbaloo math webmix in my eClass.

We are working on writing numerals and identifying numbers. Please have your child practice this at home. Thanks!

The class has been working on quiet hallway transitions and earned 10 compliments. They voted on having a popsicle party as a reward. Whenever they earn 10 compliments they will vote on a reward. This reinforces good hallway behavior and helps them learn about making and counting groups of ten. A win, win for them!

Conference time is at the end of September. I sent the PTC Fast link to use to sign up online for a conference. If you have not signed up yet please do so soon. Many parents have already signed up so available slots are filling up quickly. If you do not have computer access let me know so that I can send you a hard copy of the schedule.

Please continue to send all money in a labeled envelope or Ziplock baggie. Snack size bags work great. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for doing this!

If you volunteered to help out in the classroom I will be sending you information about available days and times soon. Thanks for your patience.

Important Dates:

Sept. 28-29 are Early Release/Conference days. Students will be dismissed beginning at 12:15 those 2 days

If you have not sent in headphones for your child please do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

Daily Folders:

Please remember to initial to the daily report in the folder each day. Student work will go home in the folder on Friday. Please be sure to look over the work with your child. Keep the work at home and just return the folder. Thanks!

Snacks and Lunch:

Please remember to send a nutritious snack with your child each day. We eat lunch at 12:30 which is long time between meals for a kindergarten child. Also it is extremely helpful to put their snack in a different container than their lunch. Students who have lunchboxes are getting confused about what is their snack and what is their lunch. If the snack is not in the lunchbox it will make it easier for the children to differentiate between them. Thanks for your help with this!

A zip-lock bag works fine. They may bring a water bottles but no drinks or juice please. We are very busy and the children only have 10 minutes for snack. They only need one snack each day.

Ice cream is sold each Friday. The cost is $1.00. Please send it a labeled baggie or envelope.

Library Day: Our book check-out day is Friday. Please return library books by Thursday each week so that the library ladies have time to check them in before we go to the library on Friday.

Academic Updates


AKS 5: Recognize common types of texts (fiction/non-fiction)

How to make predictions

Ask and answer questions about details in a text

Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in words (ongoing skill)

Rhyming Words

Sight Words: We are beginning sight words. We will introduce a few words each week. The words for this week are I, look, at, red, and see.

Writing: 3 ways to tell a story (telling, drawing, and writing) and labeling

Math: 2D and 3D shapes

Social Studies- Where We Live ( addresses, maps and models)

Science- Our Senses and Characteristics of Science

Please have your child work on the following skills at home.

  • Writing his/her name with correct letter formation and using correct upper and lower case letters. Remind them to always start the letters at the top.
  • Identifying letter names and letter sounds
  • Identifying and writing numerals to 10 and 20
  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes
  • Sight words

Specials Schedule

Specials for this week (3 day rotation):




PE (wear athletic shoes)


PE (wear athletic shoes)



Friday(wear athletic shoes


Specials Schedule for the 7 Day Rotation:

Day 1- Art

Day 2-Steam

Day 3-Math

Day 4-Tech, Jr.

Day 5- Music

Day 6-PE

Day 7-Literacy


Reading: Please complete reading logs. You may complete the log online. You will find the online logs on the Gwin Oaks website in Quick Links. I recommend doing the logs online. You may also print out reading logs as well. I will continue to send one home if needed. Each student will need to read or be read to 20 minutes daily. All of our students must participate in our school reading program. It promotes a love of reading and increases reading performance.

Class Needs:

white paper lunch bags

Thanks for sending in supplies.