Annual 15th Ave Block Party

Neighbors, Potluck, Games ... Fun!

Coming soon! Sunday, October 25: 11-5


  • Our block with be closed to traffic between 11-5PM on October 25th -- thanks Walter for getting the permit and getting barricades!
  • Food and drinks will be pot-luck style: please plan to bring something to share.8
  • Games: egg toss and bucket brigade are planned ... open to additional ideas!
  • It's more fun if the street is clear, so we ask neighbors to park cars on the street on the 24th to "block the spots" so we can then move cars off the street (into driveways, garages etc.) during the block party

What to bring:
  • Food and drink to share
  • Your own dishes and silverware
  • Portable tables and chairs if you have them
  • Sports equipment, outdoor games, sidewalk chalk, etc.

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Contact: Miranda at 1271 15th ( 415.235.0710) or Walter at 1259 15th (

Let us know if you are available to volunteer with set up or game planning!

This information was also emailed to a block group email list ( Let Miranda or Walter know if you would like to be on that list and receive block related information electronically.