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Willow Herbert; Editor-in-Chief

Americans Paying The Price For Food

Have you ever wondered about the food industry? Have you wondered about the food industries workers? Should we consider workers who pick, process, and transport our food? Many Americans agree we want to pay the cheapest price for our food, and that it comes with a price. What many Americans don't know is what that price is, the price we pay for our food is more than the label, it costs a workers price.
American workers are working hard and fast to keep up with production. They do the same movements over and over again, everyday. Workers in factories get injuries a lot more then they should, we should take more precautions with out workers safety. A lot of companies cant find people to work in America so they recruit workers outside of the country. Some Americans are unhappy with that decision.
A solution to both problems could be a simple solution. We could help with workers safety and not have to recruit workers from outside of the country. Our solution could be to use machines to do more human tasks. Machines could help us keep our workers safe when working in factories. Machines could also do human jobs in the food industry, we wouldn't have to recruit other people to do American jobs. Machines could help Innovate America in more than just the food industry.

Alice Paul Advice Column

Dear Future Citizens of America,

My name is Alice Paul. I'm writing this letter so Americans of your generation know about what woman suffragists did in the 1910s. Women in the 1910s didn't have the right to vote, We weren't self-governed and we didn't have equal rights as men. We were expected to stay home cook and clean. Women were not allowed to have jobs.

I fought against unequal rights for women, alongside many other women suffragists. We held a parade to try to spread the word but unfortunately we were only yelled at and then brutally attacked. We then tried putting things in Newspapers, but everyone ignored them. We put signs on the presidents lawn and held them through rain, snow, and wind. We were breaking no laws, and we were thrown in prison.
In prison we went on a hunger strike. We hoped having dead women in prison for breaking no laws might finally get our word out. Refusing to eat only made things worse, they force fed us shoving tubes down our throats and noses. Everyday. Three time a day. How they were treating us got out, President Wilson got word of it. He took actin and eventually we were released from prison. From there we moved up and women gained the right to vote in 1921. My message to you is never give up on something your fighting for. Bad things may happen but you've got to get through it. Its never to late to make a change.

A Monopoly

The big car is smashing all the other cars on the road. This image is showing a monopoly. A monopoly is a trust (merger of competing companies) with complete industry control. A big business, the big car buys all businesses of its kind. Making it too difficult for any competing companies to beat them and squishing the smaller businesses, represented by the smaller cars.

Beautiful Hawaiian Island Added To US

A group of island located only 2,000 miles west of California is added on to the United States. Its a beautiful lush green island with tall shady palm trees, located in the eye catching blue water of the pacific ocean. Hawaii consists of eight, sunny islands. It grows the biggest, juiciest pineapples. The sweetest and sugariest sugar cane. Plus the best sandalwood you will ever find. There was a small debate about Hawaiian government but was all handled no problem. Hawaii was the 50th state added to the US.(but by far the best) Whats next for the United States, after gaining such an extraordinary group of islands.
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Help The Fleet!

Eat less wheat, so our troops have food to eat. Don't waste your food and save the bread. Remember "Food Can Win The War!" By saving your wheat your helping the allies fight this war, your feeding them when there hungry and need their strength.

1890s-1920s Classified

New Weapons Of War

Introducing new weapons of war! We have airplanes, barbed wire, poison gas, flame throwers, tanks, grenades, and machine guns. We even have a new way of fighting the war, trench warfare, when opposing troops fight from trenches, dug into the ground. The trench warfare uses barbed wire for no mans land; the center between opposing teams trenches. Airplanes are being used to transport troops and ammunition quickly between sides. Tanks are used to plow through no mans land with guns attached onto them. Machine guns are being used to quickly fire ammunition and could be easily set up in only 4 seconds.
The most feared weapon, is poison gas. Poison gas is a gas leaked from a pressurized cylinder. It can be used at any time whether in battle or not. Poison gas will leave its victims in pain for many days before killing them. Poison gas looks like a yellow green cloud moving towards soldiers, often thought of as smoke to disguise troops moving across no mans land. Side effects of the poison gas include a lung irritant, irritated skin, itchy eyes, respiration issues, and headaches.

Steamboat Willie With The First Synchronized Sound

A new animated cartoon released on November 18th 1928 called Steamboat Willie is the first cartoon to have synchronized sound. The show is about Mickey Mouse who is the pilot of a steamship being captened by Pete, with Mickey's girlfriend Minnie Mouse, while playing some music along the way. The star of the show Mickey Mouse has appeared in two earlier cartoons, Plane Crazy and The Gallopin' Gaucho. Steamboat Willie was directed by Walt Disney and UB Iweks. Steamboat Willie is 7.75 minutes long. It took $2 million to produce the show.
Walt Disney said "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney was the creator of Mickey Mouse. He had an original idea of Oswald the lucky rabbit, but when Walt was told he couldn't produce anything else with his rabbit he created Mickey Mouse. Mickey mouse became a huge hit with people. Weekly Film Review said "It kept the audience laughing and chuckling from the moment the lead titles came on the screen, and it left them applauding."


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Helen Wills

Helen Wills was a tennis star. She won 31 Grand Slam Tournament titles and 19 singles titles. She was famous around the world for holding the top position in women tennis for 9 years. She is the first American women athlete to become a global celebrity. She was admired by her graceful actions and for her flowing motion.

The States Historical Forecast

The Gilded Age

Progressivism and Imperialism


The 1920s