Google Glasses

Glasses at Their Best!

See the World Differently with the new Google Glasses

Do you hate it when your friends have something awesome and you do not? This product will surely get their minds blown away. Introducing the all new Google Glasses! It is so unique and it has so many uses! Forget about computers, cameras, iPods and iPhones because the Google Glasses will for sure run them out of business. With the Google Glasses you can do the same things, but also MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE! But most importantly (parents, I hope you are reading this) the parents or guardian have a tracker, so they know exactly what their child is doing. This is like a new generation of technology! Forget about all those other useless, bulky electronics and get your Google Glasses today! 

Age Range?

We (VNSH Works) recommend the Google Glasses for 12-18 year old age range. The Google Glasses will surely help them in school. All of our products are safe, all of the websites on it are educational, so the children can use the Google Glasses in school for better grades. Also, the pre-teens and the young adults are usualy the ones who always want the new iPhones and iPods, but guess what? You can forget about those useless electronics because they are not going to get the kids marks up, they are going to go down considering the amount of time kids spend playing games on those electronics. The Google Glasses are safe, so there is nothing on it that is not educational and you never have to charge them because they are solar powered! How awesome is that? Buy the Google Glasses for your 12-18 year old kid and watch their marks start increasing today!

So What do the Google Glasses do?

With the Google Glasses you can video chat, you can go on Google, you can listen to music, you can go on to educational websites and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE!
The Google Glasses cost $400, but if you call in the next 24 hours, we will give you a second pair for absolutely free! That is 2 pairs of Google Glasses for only $400.
Call us at 111-222-3333 and get your Google Glasses today!