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For Serious Highway Safety, Trust only the Best Attenuators

Highway safety is a serious concern for the construction industry, police and other highway programs. Traffic accidents account for more than 30,000 deaths in the United States alone, and many of those are preventable. When it comes to assuring safety for highway workers, a truck mounted attenuator needs to be reliable and durable. Truck mounted attenuators help save lives. So, it’s important for companies to choose the best truck mounted attenuator they can find to ensure the lowest risk for workers, drivers and passersby.

A vertical panel is used by road crews to help guide traffic and warn them of work activities ahead on the road. They function as channelizers, filtering traffic one way so that road work can continue unimpeded. A group of vertical panels can also serve to separate opposing lanes of traffic. A vertical panel alerts drivers to slow down and continue with caution, lowering the risk of an accident.

For companies in Pennsylvania and the surrounding region, a Pennsylvania attenuator will serve them well in their road crew needs. There are a few companies that provide a Pennsylvania attenuator but before renting, leasing or buying, consider a few things first. Is the company a member of the Pennsylvania CoStars Program? Are they the only authorized repair facility for Betts Industries in the entire USA? Are they the top provider of Scorpion parts in the tank truck industry? If none of these are the case, they just aren’t good enough to serve your needs.

The company should have a well-established reputation in the industry and also provide other highway safety needs like tank truck repairs, truck shop, custom fabrication, auction services and a machine shop. They should provide these items to their customers for rent or lease and should be qualified to repair and rebuild pumps and vents, valves, ISO container components, tank wash spinners and more. They should believe in rebuilding instead of replacing, and should provide the best price to do so.

JTech USA is the leading provider of Scorpion parts in the tank truck industry, and they are the only authorized repair facility for Betts Industries. These are distinctions others cannot claim. JTech USA is also a leader in providing their customers with quality truck mounted attenuators, especially Pennsylvania attenuators and vertical panels. They pride themselves on superior customer service and make sure that all of their customers’ expectations are met or exceeded. Honesty, integrity and dependability are all a part of their mission in providing friendly and reliable service.