The Moon Is Doomed

how the absence of the moon would doom us all

Could our lives be in danger because of the moon?

The biggest question we ask ourselves is "How will earth end?" could it because of the moon dying, space clouds, or because of meteors?

The Biggest Fear: Asteroids

ALmost all of the population of the earth is frightened that one day an asteroid will hit our planet. If the moon was hit rather than us, many would consider that a blessing but on the other hand it would be worst and here's why :

  • Without the moon orbitting us, we would all have no chance of survival
  • If an asteroid hit us, the chances are some would have a chance at survival but that is only depending on how big the asteroid is.

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The Blood Moon

Like the Mayan Prophesy of 2012, the series of total lunar eclipses known as tetrad is causing speculation and a lot of explanation.

There are eight tetrads in the 21st century, but the ones in this tetrad are being remarked upon because they coincide with the full moon of Passover on April 15 and April 4, as well as the Jewish observance of Sukkot on Oct. 8 and Sept. 28.

In these eclipses the earth will block the sun's rays on the moon, causing the moon to appear dark red. That is why it is called the "blood moon."

"We are at this point in time when the earth and the moon and sun are spaced right to where the moon can perfectly block out the sun, and the earth can perfectly block out the moon," said Mike Sorola, who teaches at South San High School's new planetarium. "Then later the moon will be farther away and we won't get total lunar and solar eclipses."

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What would happen if we lost the moon?

We’d no longer watch the phases of the moon at night, but see a glittering cloud of debris which would probably be a lot brighter than the full moon, what with all those zillions of little surfaces to reflect sunlight. I know some astronomers who would really hate this new interference with their dark skies. But if the moon were dragged off and completely removed, there would be none of its mass left to tug gravitationally on the Earth. One of the effects would be that we could throw out tide tables for good. Ocean tides would still happen but the bulge of the water would follow the sun.

Shine Bright Like The Moon

Without the moon's light, our night sky would be dark. The moon gives the night light and without it there would be very little light.
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If we had no moon...

  • Formations of tides in the ocean
  • Because of its gravity, the moon is able to pull enough of the ocean towards it to cause a "bulge" of water.
  • the moon on the earth have been the slowing of the earth's rotation and the stabilization of its axis.

Preparation for the tundra

Saturday, April 26th, 3:30pm

11055 W Lincoln Hwy

Frankfort, IL

The tundra is coming! Without the moon, our earth would not have a stable orbit and would go into another ice age. Therefor, without the moon the earth would shift back from the Sun which supplies us with warmth and life. Come and get all of your winter materials for a chance at survival!
THE MOON - COULD EARTH SURVIVE WITHOUT IT? (Documentary) Science/Astronomy/Discovery

The Moon- Could Earth Survive Without It?

A documentary on the Earth's chance at survival if the moon was to leave our orbit.

Raining Asteroids

When the moon gets smashed or destroyed by an asteroid, the earth would be pelted with the moon's debris for years and years. Not even wearing a hard hat could protect anyone from the falling rock.
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The Harvest Moon

Many farmers use the moon to determine when to harvest their crops.