It's Party Time!

Let's go grab some grub!

Let's go grab some grub. For larger goups we have a rate of $9.25 per person plus an additional $61.25 setup fee that provides you with everything you need for a great party.Which Pizza Palace has the trick.This chart shows an example of the total cost based on the number of guest you have.

Bounce on Over to Lowest Prices in Town!

Based on the graph it depends on how many hours you want to rent the bounce house, but the cheapest option would be Jumpin' Jack's. For a whole day rental (as in a school day) 8 hours be $84 cheaper than Hoppin' Around.
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Grab Some Grub Graph

This graph represents how much food is for the 7th grade blowout. The pink represents Pizza Palace which will be used to feed the 7th grade blowout. The green represents Burger Bonanza which will not be used for the 7th grade blowout.