Mrs. Deason's News

October 5- October 09

Important Dates

Oct. 13 – Field Trip to Dallas Arboredum(bring a sack lunch and 2 drinks with lids)

Oct. 16- Pink Out Pep Rally

Oct. 21 – Kona Ice Snowcones

Oct. 26-30 – Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 27 – Reading/Writing Night

Oct. 29 – 2nd Six Weeks Progress Reports

What we are Learning this week

READING: “A Big Fish for Max”

Skills covered:

-Consonant diagraphs -sh& th...-al sound

-sequence, predict, and set purpose

-commom nouns

-Saxon Phonics

MATH: Numbers to 20

SCIENCE: 3 States of Matter (solid, liquid, gas)

SOCIAL STUDIES: The Role of a Good Citizen

Spelling Words/Reading Words/Sentence

ship, then, thin,rush, shell, shut,shop,fish,trash,with

Reading words: no,put,catch,said,want,good

Sentence: My job is to bag the trash.

Click link below to go to my Spelling City page

-then go to words to be studied for this week


Monday-Read "A Big Fish for Max!"(sign log) Tic Tac Toe(keep at home due Friday )

Tuesday- reading(sign log),Tic Tac Toe, Practice reading words,and sentence

Thursday-reading(sign log), Tic Tac Toe, Practice reading words, and sentence

Friday- Tic tac toe Spelling due

Please Bring a sack lunch and two drinks with lids Tuesday. We are loading buses at 8:05 sharp.

Snack this week

Jonathan, Anthony, David, Genesis, Alan

*please bring enough for 20 students

We are a few days behind on snack, but please bring them when it is your time, thank you