Benjamin Franklin

By:Dylan Fisher


A lot of people know Benjamin Franklin for flying a kite in a thunderstorm, but he did a lot more than just that. Franklin was a scientist. One thing he did as a scientist was try to kill a turkey with electricity. Franklin was also a civic leader.As a civic leader, he helped make streets better, because they were mostly rocky and dark. Many people may wonder about his life besides his work. He did a lot of tremendous things starting as a youngster and continuing into adulthood. Benjamin Franklin was known as a "jack of all trades".

As a Scientist

As a scientist, Benjamin Franklin did a lot more than fly a kite during a thunderstorm. He also tried to kill a turkey using electricity. When he tried to kill a turkey with electricity, he stated "I tried to kill a turkey but I nearly killed a goose." By that, he meant he tried to kill a turkey but he nearly killed himself. Benjamin Franklin also invented the lightning rod. The lightning rod was invented to protect a person's house from lightning. He knew lightning was attracted to metal ,so if you put the rod away from your house it would hit the rod and not your house. When he invented things, he didn't persuade people, but he wanted people to buy his inventions on their own. Most people know Benjamin Franklin for flying a kite during a thunderstorm. He attached a wire to the top of the kite and then attached the wire to the key. Benjamin Franklin also unknowingly invented the electrical condenser (later named by Allesandra Volta ). The electrical condenser is used in things ranging from radios to radars . He invented the Franklin stove by arranging little things in his stove so he could heat up a room with only 1/4 of the amount of wood it took a regular stove to heat up a room.If Franklin wasn't a scientist, where would we be today? Benjamin Franklin revolutionized history.

As a Civic Leader

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most famous civic leaders in colonial times . He did a lot of things to make life easier. Without his little inventions, we might not have paved roads!

Benjamin Franklin noticed that the roads were rocky , bumpy , and dark, so he came up with the idea of paving and lighting roads.Another problem he noticed was that houses were burning down. Because of this, he helped organize the first city fire department. After his son died, he decided he should set up hospitals in every colony because many people died before they actually got to the hospital . Benjamin Franklin helped found the first university of Pennsylvania. Benjamin became the deputy postmaster for all colonies in 1753 . With that job, he sped foreign mail using the fastest packet ships . Benjamin Franklin also founded the first subscription library of Philadelphia. As a result of these projects, he became very popular in the colonies.

About His Life

Most people wonder about his life while he wasn't experimenting or doing community projects. Benjamin Franklin was the fifteenth child of seventeen . He was the youngest son , and he was born on January 17 , 1706. His mother's name was Abiah , and his father's name was Josiah . They were hardworking , religious people .His father had a small shop, in which he made soap and candles. At the age of ten, Benjamin was purposely held back from school by his parents . After this incident, he stated "The doors of wisdom are never shut." Young Benjamin read a lot of books . He taught himself a lot of subjects, including : algebra , grammar , geometry , navigation , and natural and physical sciences . Since he no longer had a teacher, he had to grade himself. He proved himself excellent in reading , fair in writing , and poor in arithmetic . At the age of seventeen, he ran away to Philadelphia to start a new life . In Philadelphia, he had two children- one girl and one boy with a women named Deborah Read . His youngest son died around age five from smallpox. He was left with only his daughter and his wife. Benjamin Franklin died on April 17 , 1790. About 20,000 people attended his funeral . Benjamin Franklin was certainly an awesome person for 20,000 people to attend his funeral!


Benjamin Franklin was one of the most talented men in United States history. His life was busy and he was a hardworking man.Even though he lived such a long time ago, we can still appreciate his work today. His contributions to science, community projects and inventing made our world a better place to live.


university----------a school like a college that offers a degree such as bachelors degree or master's degree

wisdom----------knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life

religious----------believing in a god or group of gods and following the rules of that religion

revolutionized-----------to change something very much or completely

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