CU @ the Library

April 2016

Did you know ...?

  • April is National Library Month.
  • April 10-16 is National Library Week.
  • the theme for 2016 is #LibrariesTransform
  • the qualifications for a school librarian are a master's degree, teacher certification and experience, and school librarian certification.
  • school librarians have learner-centered standards just like everyone else. The first set of standards focuses on teaching and learning, stating that "[t]he certified school librarian is an educational leader who promotes the integration of curriculum, resources, and teaching strategies to ensure the success of all students as effective creators and users of ideas and information, enabling them to become lifelong learners."


Maybe new, maybe not, but check these out:

  • Google Keep - If you're a list person, Google Keep is worth checking out. Both web-based and as an app (iOS and Android), you can make notes and share them across devices. You can share (like Google Docs), set a reminder, color code, and even turn your notes into a checklist.
  • Padlet - Padlet is also accessible across platforms - go web-based, download the iOS or Android app, or get the Chrome extension. Share it to allow others to view or edit. Use it for collecting feedback, Q&A, collaborative note-taking, writing prompts, opinion forums, presentations, and more.
  • Slides Carnival - Do you want more template options than Slides (or PowerPoint) provides? Check out the templates and backgrounds available at Slides Carnival and download them at no cost.
  • Lots of other Google templates, collected for you by TCEA. You'll find a variety of templates here for Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings. You'll have to log into a Google account to access some of the links.
  • Google tip - to access the templates available in Docs, Slides, etc., enter the app directly (click on the Google apps tiles in the top right corner of your screen when in signed in to your Google account) rather than opening a new file from Drive.

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