Comparison of Colonial Regions

By Alyssa R. Jones

New England

Religious dissent was one of the most common reasons people came to America. Puritans was the group in the New England colonie that wanted to establish a community built solely on pure biblical teachings.

New England had small farms for the primary purpose of allowing families to be self sufficient. But the colonies relied heavily on ont Atlantic ocean for shipbuilding, trade, and fishing (leading industries).

The puritan church was a central part of life in New England. Every settler had to attend and support the church. Dissenters were often banished. In 1692, the Salem witch trials resulted when various townspeople were accused of being witches.

The New England colonie was started because of religious purposes.


The middle colonies had religious freedom.

The middle colonies depended on both farming and commerce. Farmers raised staple crops. The larger cities had important Perth for shipping products overseas.

The middle colonies featureda more diverse population. Under the leadership of William Penn Pennsylvania became home for the Quakers.


Southern colonies had religious freedom.

The sputhhs reliance on staple crops like Tabasco and rice of the plantation system. Indentured survants were people who could not afford to come to noth America on their own. They agreed to work for a landowner for seven years in exchange for the landowner paying for there trip.

The southern society tended to be divided between the rich plantation qwerty, poor farmers, and slaves.

The southern region was one of the first settlements.

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